Click here for examples of Period Interiors - From palatial halls to more modest period homes, care and attention to period detail can be the key to successful restoration projects. - Traditional methods and techniques are used to bring tired, neglected, once beautiful decorative interiors back to their former glory. Click here for examples of Framing - High quality specialist frames are created by using traditional materials and techniques. Many mouldings are available and can be made to compliment works in any medium.- Finishes and colours are created individually to suit each piece and can combine:-Burnished water gilding in a wide range of leaf - Oil gilding - Distressed gilded and painted finishes - Raised gesso   - Hand polished wax Click here  for exaples of  Restoration  - Restoration and conservation work is carefully carried out on a wide range of gilded and painted objects such as antique mirrors, frames and furniture etc. Such work is always executed in a sympathetic manner in order to maintain the original integrity and age of each individual piece. Jo Green - Gilding and Traditional Finishes - Click here to find out about Jo
Click here for examples of  Water and Oil Gilding - The art of gilding dates back at least 3500 years and was developed by the Egyptians. It was discovered that gold could be beaten into extremely thin sheets and this 'gold leaf' was applied to icons, temples, ornaments and furniture. Click here for examples of Surface Decoration  - Many projects require painted embellishment rather than or as well as gilding. - Examples include, faux stonework, graining, lettering, colour wash, distressed paint effects, waxed finishes and hand painted designs Click here for the Portfolio of some of Jo's work